Story telling your autoresponder secret weapon

Storytelling Is Your Autoresponder Secret Weapon

Make Storytelling Your Autoresponder Secret Weapon

What draws you in to read an email, blog post or article?

Could it be a clever turn of phrase? A sensational headline or are you more drawn in with interesting statistics?
All of these elements can excite your interest to draw you in, but they alone won’t keep you reading. For that, your going to need something more, and this is where storytelling can be your secret weapon.  Do it right, and your subscriber will share your content with her connections and expand your reach. Do it poorly, and maybe she will read your post or your email, she may even buy something. But she won’t remember you, because you won’t have made that all important connection.

Open Yourself to Share (relevant) Personal Stories

Arguably one of the most successful techniques to make a connection and grow your audience is to share your personal stories. Let your audience into how you got started, what you have learnt along the way, and how your life and business have improved because of them.

Personal Stories don’t even have to be business related to make an impact. Did you notice a brilliant marketing strategy while standing in line at the store reading the newspaper headlines? This is the sort of story that is perfect to share. Maybe you learnt a new customer service technique by dealing with your Insurance company? Tell your story.

When you can make the connection between a memorable event and your business, your subscribers will remember you long after they have closed your email, or left your website.

Write Case Studies

Case Studies are another powerful storytelling technique. Tell your readers exactly how your long suffering arthritis riddled client could once again play tennis after undergoing a course of acupuncture treatment from you.

Incorporating these case studies into your emails will ignite the interest of your ideal client, drawing them in further to learn more about you.

Connect Unrelated Stories In New And Interesting Ways

Make an impression with unusual connections in your story.? Talk about your little dog that bravely defends his territory every time he sees a passerby go past the garden gate, and how it takes you back to those early days when your mindset was such that you were convinced all competition was bad.

Creating connections between two unrelated topics will get your readers minds firing up by making a connection between completely unrelated topics. Crafting an email in this way will get readers thinking, which they’ll remember for a long time to come.

A Word of Warning Avoid the Awkward Segue

I would like to make one cautionary note here. Don’t just shoehorn a story into your email because your struggling to think of the ideal “hook”. For example If you are unable to transition from the story to the purpose of the post without saying something like  “Ok, that’s enough personal stuff, now let’s get back to business,” Using a story which doesn’t fit will feel awkward and unnatural. It will pull the reader out of the post rather than draw them in.

When it works your stories will flow naturally into the business element, absorbing your readers attention into the post. This is how you make the big impression you are looking for, how your emails will get shared, your posts becomes viral, and profits soar!

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