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Increase Your Productivity with Text Expander or Phrase Express

Increasing productivity by reducing repetition just makes sense right? So why do so many of still keep doing the same things over? Chances are we don’t allow ourselves enough time to sit back and analyse the way we work. Let alone research and learn to use the tools to improve how we work. So I’m going to make it a little easier for you and introduce you to two different software application that will help speed up your regular email correspondence.

Do you find yourself typing the same correspondence answering those FAQ again and again?  Then using a software that allows you to paste the snippet of text with shortcodes would be of real benefit to you, not only saving you time, brain power, making silly mistakes. Using snippet software will increase your consistency and productivity.

5 fast ideas for using snippets with email

1. Order confirmations with fill in the blank areas

2. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

3. Proposals

4. Response to customer complaints

5. Reach out emails to potential partners – guest blogging posts etc

The top two snippet software creators I have found are ‘Text Expander’ and ‘Phrase Express’ I have included videos below which demonstrate how easy it is to set up and get going.

There are a few things that are worth considering before you invest your time and money in a snippet editor as it is important to choose a software that is robust and is well established. In the past, there have been many text expander software which has been abandoned because of conflicts with the latest operating systems. If your investing time into putting your content into a system it’s worth checking out the software, the company and not least the support.

Some Important points to answer when deciding on which software to use.

  • Frequency of software updates
  • How easy is it to add phrases?
  • How easy is it to edit phrases?
  • Can you undo your changes?
  • Can you test the macro you created without leaving the interface?
  • How easy is it to move through all your different software and is it compatible with what you use?
  • What support is on offer?
  • How long has the software been around, is it a market leader or a new kid on the block?

TIP* Email support and see if and when they reply to you and how helpful is their reply.

Phrase Express

PhraseExpress is simple pretty simple to use, with ‘canned response’ and rich snippets work well there are also lots of other features such as auto complete insert boilerplate templates automate repetitive tasks with macro automation and is crossed platform compatible.

You can trial Phrase Express here

Text Expander

TextExpander has been around for a long time now and it’s maturity shows with it’s easy to use interface. Text Expander was a little easier than Phrase Express and once you have all your snippets uploaded into the software it will stay in the background shadowing you as you jump from application to application.

Trial Text Expander here

So if you can look back through your emails and see a catalogue of similar emails in your sent box then give one or both of these software options a try it will save you hours of wasted time!