Let us put it this way. Even if you just READ the content and don’t have immediate plans to create your own coaching programs, yes. You’ll learn and it’s worth the money. However, if you do use the content to build your home business or passive income, the value starts to increase very quickly. Let’s talk numbers. If you use these to create training programs, then you’d only need to sell ONE spot in your program per month to earn your money back. After that, it’s all profit.
You will get EVERYTHING that you see on this page. PLUS you will get ALL of the Workshops, Teach your Tribe packages, and Planners/Workbooks that we release moving forward. To keep it simple, every month we release three items. A Teach your Tribe package A big Licensed Coaching Workshop that includes 4 modules, workbooks, and tons of marketing materials for you. A small planner or workbook As an All Access Member, YES, you’ll get them all the moment they are released. There’s no waiting and no wondering “Do I need to order that?” It’s yours!
Within minutes after signing up you will receive an email with your account username and password to login to your account. Once you login, you be able to access your training immediately.
Currently, we only keep 12 months worth of content available, after this time it may be removed or upgraded, (periodic minor upgrades will occur).
Yes, your subscription will automatically renew one year from the time you signed up to avoid interruptions with your service. You don’t have to worry about signing back up again after a year, or losing access to any of your downloads. You pay a small fee just once a year and you’re set for the entire year.
Oh! We love you and appreciate you so much for that. Here’s the scoop. We have the price set for this program so low plus we include special bonuses, so although we’ve thought about this we’d have to increase our prices to cover the additional support. Our promise is that you’ll love this program so much and save so much money since you won’t have to buy our content separately that that old expense will be a tiny portion of your overall savings.
No problem. YOU are in control of your account. Simply login to your PayPal account and cancel your billing agreement with us. If you need help with this, just contact our team and they can do it for you, easy-peasy.
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You cannot give it away to your clients/customers/members. Your Purchased License Does NOT Allow You to: You may not sell or give away the package or program in its original state or edited. Your customers or clients may not give away or sell the content after purchasing from you – if they would like to do so, they need to purchase the content directly from our website.

You may not load the content up on Kindle as a book (that’s against Amazon’s terms of service and can get your account banned). You may not sell the content through auction sites, dime sales/firesales. You may not give away or sell your license to this content. You may not give away or sell resell rights or master resell rights. You may not transfer the rights you have to your customer. * These terms are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check the current terms before you use any of our workshops/programs/content in any way.