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Automated Follow-Ups Make the Next Step a No-Brainer

As any smart entrepreneur knows, creating a successful passive income generator requires a well-established sales funnel. I imagine you have already optimised your landing pages and monetised your free downloads, not to mention sprinkled a few well placed (relevant) up sells, cross sells or down sells but how are you handling the follow-up? Do you… Contact […]

critical steps of sales funnel planning

4 Critical Steps of Sales Funnel Planning

Does the thought of setting up sales funnels make you shudder with a sense of dread? Well, I can tell you that the good news is that you are not alone. There are many online business owners fail to plan their sales funnel and unfortunately..it shows. They have an opt-in incentive that doesn’t appeal to their audience. Their […]

Story telling your autoresponder secret weapon

Storytelling Is Your Autoresponder Secret Weapon

Make Storytelling Your Autoresponder Secret Weapon What draws you in to read an email, blog post or article? Could it be a clever turn of phrase? A sensational headline or are you more drawn in with interesting statistics? All of these elements can excite your interest to draw you in, but they alone won’t keep […]

missing element sales funnel

What Is The Missing Element in Your Funnel ?

The first thing new online business owners would be wise to learn is the power of the offer funnel. Assuming you have opted for a WordPress website (why wouldn’t you?) You will find WordPress plugins which will help you design your funnel and landing page creators to assist in building it.  If you are concerned about […]

the art of the upsell

The Art of the Upsell

You’ve filled your funnel, and you’re starting to see a steady stream of customers. Congrats! That’s a great start to building a rock-solid business you love. But the work doesn’t end with that first sale. In fact, it’s just beginning. Your next job is to continue to make offers (and sales) to your loyal customers. […]

3 Simple Changes to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Your visitors are highly skilled skim readers, In fact, you probably browse the Internet at lightning speed, too, scanning titles and subheads, picking out keywords in a blog post so that you can get to the next thing. Your goal is to capture their attention and excite their interest long enough to entice them to […]