Automated Follow-Ups Make the Next Step a No-Brainer

As any smart entrepreneur knows, creating a successful passive income generator requires a well-established sales funnel.

I imagine you have already optimised your landing pages and monetised your free downloads, not to mention sprinkled a few well placed (relevant) up sells, cross sells or down sells but how are you handling the follow-up?

Do you…

  • Contact customers about your products/services they didn’t buy?
  • Encourage them to use the products they have purchased?
  • Keep them Informed about all your other fabulous offers, programs and services you are running?

If you not doing this then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity! But don’t worry the great thing is you don’t need to invest a lot of time or money to remedy this. All you need to do is take advantage of email autoresponder. When you get you auto responder working well, it will lead your customers from one purchase to the next..magic!

Segment Your Audience

The great thing about autoresponder software like Get Response or Aweber is that it will allow you to target emails based on your subscriber’s action. So, if you want to send a follow-up email to a subscriber who clicked on a particular link, you can easily create a segment and automate a follow up to do just that!

Another way to get autoresponders working for you is using them to re-engage with your subscribers who haven’t clicked on a link for a while. Again it’s easy to segment and you can potential pull back luck warm subscribers.

The ability to create more complex autoresponders is also available, and while this may be a little way down the road for you, it’s good to know what you can ultimately achieve. You can go deeper and move customers from one autoresponder series to another based on their buying habits, this prevents you turning the customer off by promoting something they have already purchased, but also it offers another opportunity for you to promote a complimentary product or service for them.

Alternatively, you can segment your list based on what they do not buy. If your subscriber is on a list which is promoting your highest ticket products or services and they are not buying you can try moving them to an autoresponder sequence for something more mid-range cost option to see if this whets their appetite, all this can be done automatically once you have set it up!

Of course for these tactics to work, you will need to know both your audience and your products extremely well. So study your stats, know your open rates and analyse the promotions that work and those which..well don’t. The more information you have at your disposal, the more effectively you will be able to segment your lists. Which means, you’ll be able to make the most out of your beautifully oiled sales funnel.