critical steps of sales funnel planning

4 Critical Steps of Sales Funnel Planning

Does the thought of setting up sales funnels make you shudder with a sense of dread?

Well, I can tell you that the good news is that you are not alone. There are many online business owners fail to plan their sales funnel and shows.

They have an opt-in incentive that doesn’t appeal to their audience. Their follow-up emails struggle to flow naturally from the opt-in offer.
Messages tend to be unbalanced—with too many sales emails or not enough. Even worse, they send offers out that don’t match the market at all.
These mistakes are commonplace so if you recognise any of these as your own, don’t feel too bad. Plus, I have more good news, there’s an easy fix!

Step 1: Survey your market

How often do we work from our ‘perception’ of what we think our readers and clients want. We believe we know what their needs are when in fact, we are simply guessing.

We make the mistake of thinking that ‘we’ are the target market but how often is that the case? In reality, the only way we can know what our market wants is by taking the time to ask. It doesn’t have to be an onerous task,  using a simple Google form will work. Asking your social media followers, blog readers and subscribers to give their opinion.

Get this right, and you’ll know exactly what to offer your audience, and as a bonus, you’ll know that language to use on your opt-in page.

Step 2: Create your opt-in

Once you know what your market needs, it’s time to get busy creating your opt-in incentive. Bear in mind today’s readers prefer simple, easy-to-digest offers, rather than 100-page eBooks or 10-part video series.

That’s fine it makes your job easier!

Some popular choices for opt-in incentives include:

  • Worksheets
  • Resource guides
  • Checklists
  • Video training
  • Webinars
  • Audio downloads

Step 3: Map out your autoresponder

Every good opt-in incentive should be followed up with a series of emails that build on the material. If you’ve offered a checklist for example, then your follow-up emails might include tips on carrying out some of the tasks included in the checklist. When possible, show how others have benefited from what you are offering them.

Step 4: Make an offer

The offer is arguably the most important part of your funnel. Your subscriber has worked through the opt-in incentive. They have read and digested your emails, and now they are hungry for the next step. It’s time to make your offer, but it must the next logical step for your subscriber to take.

As with the other steps in your funnel the offer much be the answer to your subscribers most burning questions. Think of your opt-in and follow up sequence as the lite version and now you are offering the all singing all dancing premium package -the perfect next step.

Before you go ahead and paste in your opt-in code, take time to map out your funnel along with these steps. You will not only fill your funnel quicker, but you will make more sales along the way!

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